Let's get started

Let's get started

Copyediting involves editing journal-accepted manuscripts for language (primarily focusing on grammar, word choice, punctuation, and proofreading errors) and style (applying a journal-specified style guide).

This Introductory Program is structured with the aim of gradually introducing you to our processes and our clients' requirements, and how best to meet them. The program is divided into 2 phases.

Phase 1

During this phase, which will span 2-3 weeks, you will be oriented to

  • Editing basics
  • Best practices (keyboard shortcuts, Googling effectively, etc.)
  • Essentials of copyediting (comment writing, formatting as per the journal's requirements, final and consistency checks)
  • Giving QI and feedback
  • Workflow processes (how to use the homegrown workflow management platform, how to contact your PoCs, etc.)

To ensure that you are completely familiar with our processes and comfortable with our client requirements, you will be exposed to sample assignments of various sizes and instructions.

We will aim to complete the program in 3 weeks. However, if there are delays (unable to send assignments on time), please keep your PoC in the loop.

Phase 2

During this phase, which will span 3-4 weeks, you will primarily work on live assignments and will be exposed to more scenarios till you meet certain milestones and no longer require quality checks. During this phase, you will have the opportunity to apply everything you've been oriented to in Phase 1.

During this phase, your PoCs will help you

  • become an independent reviewer and
  • meet your minimum productivity target every month and maintain an average quality index of 3.6 or above.

With this aim in mind, we have set milestones to gauge how close you are to your target.

Phase 1 QI benchmark: 2.8

Phase 2 QI benchmark: 3.6

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