This course will give you:

  • An introduction to the English editing industry
  • An understanding of international publishing standards
  • Training on the mechanics of English editing (grammar, punctuation, and sentence construction)

Course format and outline

The course will include presentations, video lectures, and reading material. The modules include quizzes to ascertain your level of competency in the topics covered. There will also be three editing exercises.


The quizzes included in the modules are designed to indicate whether you have grasped the concepts covered. If you score less than the recommended score, you are strongly advised to review the contents of the module again and retake the test to ensure that you have understood the topic.

It is important to master each module before you attempt the editing exercises in order to be able to do your best.

Editing exercises

Modules 4 and 5 will each include an editing exercise. The solutions to the editing exercises will be made available as part of the module content. It would be crucial to your learning to refrain from checking the solution before you attempt the editing exercises.

Your Instructor

Anselmo Martyres
Anselmo Martyres

Course Curriculum

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